Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin

“I am vengeance. I am the night! I. AM. BATMAN!”

Batman is a hero in the DC Universe.

Origin Edit

For Bruce Wayne, childhood came to an early end thanks to a punk with a gun.

The child of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce enjoyed a privileged life thanks to to his family’s vast fortune. But his life would change forever when his family decided to see a movie one night.

After the film ended, Thomas and Martha made the choice of taking a short cut down Gotham City’s infamous Crime Alley, despite young Bruce’s protests. It was there that the family was ambushed by a mugger whose face was concealed in the shadows, and who wanted Martha’s pearl necklace. When Thomas attempted to stand up to their would-be robber, his courage was rewarded with a bullet to the chest. Martha would follow, being shot to silence her screams. Bruce would have joined them, had the look of horror in his eyes not scarred off the mugger. 

Enraged at this act, young Bruce vowed to dedicate his life to eradicating crime and corruption in Gotham. As he grew, Bruce learned all the skills he needed for his war on crime, from various fighting styles and the arts of escape and disguise to stealth and detective work. Returning home, the young billionaire’s first foray into vigilantism backfired, due to his not having an intimidating appearance. As Bruce pondered how to remedy this, a bat flew into his study. Remembering an incident in his youth where he fell into a bat cave beneath Wayne Manor, and the terror he felt that day, Bruce realized he had found his answer. 

Now, Bruce leads to lives: by day, he‘s the philanthropic head of Wayne Enterprises, keeping up the charade of being a dull, bored playboy. But by night, he downs a fearsome black and gray costume, and patrols the rooftops and streets of Gotham City as the grim avenger of the night, Batman!