“Farewell, Fantastic Four! Time to join the Choir Invisible!”

Dr. Doom is a villain turned hero in the Marvel Universe

Origin Edit

From tragic beginnings rose one of the most feared people in the Marvel Universe....

Born into a family of gypsies in the country of Latveria, Victor Von Doom lost his mother, Cynthia, when her soul was taken by the demon Mephisto to his realm after he killed her. Years later, his father, Werner, was called upon by a local baron when his wife was stricken with cancer. Despite Werner’s warnings that she was beyond hope, the Baron refused to listen, and demanded Werner use his skills as a healer to cure her. When she died later, the Baron ordered his men to hunt down Werner, forcing Werner to go on the run with Victor. One cold night, during a terrible snowstorm, Werner gave his life to save his son by wrapping Victor up to keep him warm. With his father gone, Victor vowed revenge on all mankind, starting with the Baron. Discovering his mother’s occult objects, Victor blended both science and sorcery to achieve his goal, tricking Latveria’s nobility into buying his defective goods and keeping his fellow Roma people safe, while also dreaming of world conquest. Eventually, Victor’s actions caught the attention of the dean of Empire State University, and Victor was given a scholarship at the school. It was there that he met his future enemy Reed Richards, and where his life would change forever.

Creating a device that would allow him to see his mother’s spirit in Mephisto’s realm, Victor was informed of several flaws in his calculations by Reed. Arrogantly ignoring Reed’s warnings, Victor used the device, and it was successful...for about two minutes and forty-five seconds. After that the machine literally blew up in his face, leaving a long, thin scar on it. Expelled from Empire State, Victor travelled across the world, until he was found by a secret group of monks in Tibet after collapsing on a mountainside. Mastering the secrets and eventually becoming their leader, Victor ordered the monks to create a special suit of armor for him to wear, but the damage to his face was worsened when he had the armor’s mask placed on him before it had fully cooled. Naming himself Dr. Doom, Victor vowed revenge on all he believed had wronged him, ESPECIALLY Reed, now the super-stretchy leader of the newly formed Fantastic Four, Mr. Fantastic. Though his first encounter with the group ended in failure, Doom grew to become their greatest and most persistent enemy, and went on to menace other heroes in the Marvel universe, like Spider-Man and Iron Man. Eventually, Doom overthrew the Baron and became the new ruler of Latveria, truly caring about the country’s well-being, and defending it from outside threats.

During recent events, Victor not only shifted to good due to the Axis wave, but also had his face healed during the last Secret Wars. Following Tony Stark landing in a coma, Victor took up the Iron Man mantle for himself, and set forth on a path of redemption. But is that even possible for someone like Victor Von Doom?

Powers Edit

Via armor

  • Superhuman strength and durability[1]
  • Repulsor blasts
  • Flight
  • Cloaking
  • Magnetic manipulation[2]

Via magic

  • Spell casting and reversing
  • Mystic blasts[3]
  • Demon summoning[4]
  • Elemental control[5]
  • Portal generation
  • Vitalkinesis
  • Time/dimension travel
  • Power absorption
  • Foot diving
  • Mystical ensnaring[6]
  • Banishment
  • Force field generation
  • Entity invoking[7]
  • Teleportation

Psionic abilities

  • Mind swapping: During a stay with an alien race that had rescued him, Doom learned how to exchange minds with someone else.[8][9]
  • Amplified hearing
  • Technopathy[10] 
  • Mind control resistance[11] 
  • Hypnosis[12]
  • Telekinesis[13]

In DC Vs. Marvel Edit

Dr. Doom only has a small cameo in the DC Vs. Marvel comic where he battled the Captain Marvel of the DC Universe.


Opponent: Captain Marvel

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