The battle between Superman and the Hulk that took place in Marvel vs. DC issue 3.

Plot Edit

At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent has informed the newspaper’s newest photographer, Peter Parker, that he‘s engaged to Lois Lane (after Peter had asked Lois out) and Peter runs off into the dark room (and is teleported off to his fight), the two ace reporters are altered by the Planet’s new editor-in-chief, J. Jonah Jameson, that the Hulk and “some freak named Metallo” are battling downtown. Hearing this, Clark changes into Superman and heads off.

At the battle, the Hulk easily dominates Metallo before Superman arrives. “I‘m guessing you’re the Superman this metal geek’s been ranting about?”, the Hulk asks. 

“I am”, Superman replies. “And you’re called the Hulk?” 

“Actually, I prefer Dr. Banner. Or Bruce”, the Hulk answers.

But just as Superman thanks the Hulk for helping protect Metropolis (while the two punch out a charging Metallo), they’re instantly teleported to the Grand Canyon, where the Hulk throws the first punch. Superman retaliates with a burst of heat vision, but the Hulk pounds the ground, and the two begin trading blows!

The battle ends when Superman musters up a punch so powerful, he knocks the Hulk into a part of the Canyon, causing debris to fall on him. Standing over his unconscious opponent, Superman muses that the Hulk “took everything [he] had, and almost stood up to it”, and that there’s nothing left, but the waiting...

Trivia Edit

  • The version of the Hulk in this crossover is the Merged Hulk (or Professor Hulk), a being formed by the merging of Bruce Banner, the Savage Hulk, and the Grey Hulk, who physically resemebled the Savage Hulk, but had the mind and face of Banner[1]. This Hulk also had a more consistent strength level and was much stronger than the Savage Hulk, lacking a power boost from his anger, due to a safeguard Banner placed in this version.

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